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We are a top rated CBD store in Southern California. We have five stores throughout Orange County with an enormous collection of CBD on the entire west coast. Click here to know more.

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Steve-o cloudz wellness mints

Limited CLOUDZ Supply* Order comes with Certification of Analysis (COA). STEVEMINTS is proud to present CLOUDZ. Cloudz is all natural Peppermint flavor, Minty tasting (Altoids-like) and packed with natural ingredients. **Infused with Full Spectrum Natural Hemp Oil (150MG) and L-Theanine, naturally found in Green and Oolong Tea. Infusion of Hemp oil into CLOUDZ compliments the Peppermint Taste perfectly. Made to Order: 24 Hours to Mint factory, Package and Process your Mints order. (Free Shipping~) 3-5 Business Days for shipment to your Doorstep. Wellness in a Fresh, Sweet, all natural Mint. Natural Benefits: Pain Relief, Improve Mood, Reduce Anxiety, Alleviate Stress, Healthy Lifestyle. Ingredients: All Natural- cane sugar, hemp oil, l-theanine, gum acacia, peppermint, and natural flavors. Servings: 15 Mints per container (150MG)10MG Hemp oil per Mint | 10MG L-Theanine per Mint Shipping to All 50 States.**Farm Bill 7606 of The Agricultural Act 2014.